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Chronos: RoseWood & Mango Scent by GlitterWicks

Chronos: RoseWood & Mango Scent by GlitterWicks

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Introducing Chronos: RoseWood and Mango Scent by GlitterWicks – a time-traveling olfactory journey that combines the timeless elegance of rosewood with the juicy exuberance of mango, all inspired by the legendary Peter Griffin. Imagine yourself surrounded by the sweet, tropical essence of mango mingling with the rich, woody notes of rosewood, creating a fragrance that’s both sophisticated and delightfully quirky.

Much like Peter Griffin's unpredictable yet lovable nature, this candle is a perfect blend of class and fun, designed to take you on a nostalgic trip through your senses. Light up Chronos and let the unique combination of rosewood's warm embrace and mango's zesty cheerfulness bring a bit of Peter’s infectious humor and charm into your space. Ideal for those who appreciate a fragrance with personality, this candle is a must-have for any home looking to add a touch of whimsy and warmth.

GlitterWicks – where every scent tells a story, and Chronos is your next epic tale!

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